Bermuda | FinTech Platform

World leader in Blockchain, ICOs and Virtual Currencies

Blockchain will change the way day-to-day financial and asset processes and transactions are conducted. We have developed a global online business marketplace where blockchain technologies are used in Real-World applications to build a bridge between technology and prosperity in Bermuda. Together with other Bermuda Fintech companies, we strongly believe in corporate social responsibility and a fair distribution of resources, knowledge, and opportunity.

To reinforce these principles, in summer 2018 we started a journey with the blockchain communities and Fintech companies from Bermuda to build a business platform for adoption of precious metal backed cryptocurrencies and related token technologies. The platform is ground breaking and distinctive, through its unique combination of business, culture and nature data / content.

The platform will be built and managed by workforce re-entrants, disabled people, and students (Social Return on Investment) from the outset.
With a fully-fledged e-learning suite and more than 1,500 online work experience placements, it offers a unique approach to challenging the youth and the unemployed, giving them a chance to build confidence through introducing new and innovative technologies whilst supporting Bermuda in building a regional hub of digital skills.

We are working diligently on our Bermuda Fintech Platform to provide an exceptional experience. Our team consists of blockchain and business professionals collaborating with a large group of concept developers, community members, cooperating companies, and sponsors. At the moment we are working on establishing the legal entity for our platform. Please subscribe to be notified for futher information.